Chapter Award Nominations

Many GCSANJ members dedicate their time to the betterment of our chapter. Our annual awards are your opportunity to recognize these outstanding individuals. Nominate a GCSANJ member for either the     


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Nominations are due September 20, 2022. 


Member of the YearAward

2021  Patrick H. Husby

2020  Jeremy Hreben, CGCS

2019  Russell Harris 

2018  Keith Bennett, CGCS

2017  Les Carpenter Jr., CGCS

2016  Tyler Otero
2015  Travis Pauley
2014  Gary Arlio
2013  Brad Simpkins
2012  Fran Owsik
2011  Christopher Boyle, CGCS
2010  James Cadott
2009  William Murray
2008  GCSANJ Foundation
2007  Lance A. Rogers, CGCS 
2006  Bradley D. Sparta
2005  Kenneth P. Kubik
2004  Todd W. Raisch, CGCS
2003  Paul Dotti
2002  Glenn A. Miller, CGCS & Michael A. Stachowski
2001  Steve Kopach
2000  Douglas A. Vogel
1999  Ken Krausz, CGCS
1998  John Hyland
1997  Steven Chirip
1996  Shaun M. Barry

Shaun M. Barry

Distinguished Service Award

2021  John J. O'Keefe, CGCS

2019  William E. Murray 

2018  Mark Kuhns, CGCS

2017  Lance Rogers, CGCS

2016  Ed McSeaman
2015  Stephen Finamore, CGCS
2014  Dave Oatis
2013  Doug Vogel
2012  Jim Snow
2011  Glenn Miller
2010  Dave Pease
2009  Chris Carson
2008  Al Rathjens
2007  Mary Lou DesChamps
2006  James C. McNally
2005  Shaun M. Barry
2004  Dr. Joseph Troll
2003  Dr. Bruce Clarke
2002  Albert H. Foster, CGCS
2001  David M. McGhee, CGCS
2000  Sherwood A. Moore, CGCS
1999  Joseph R. Flaherty, CGCS
1998  Albert Caravella
1997  Dr. Reed Funk
1996  Peter L. Pedrazzi Sr., CGCS
1995  Jack G. Martin
1994  Maurice C. Cameron
1993  Kenneth P. Kubik
1992  Dr. Ralph E. Engel
1991  Edward W. Walsh, CGCS
1990  New Jersey Turfgrass Association
1989  Dr. Henry W. Indyk
1988  Robert Dickison, CGCS
1987  Dr. Paul Sartoretto
1986  Alexander M. Radko


Member of the Year

1. Nominee must be a member of GCSANJ in good standing.

2. Nominee must exemplify professional conduct through their service to GCSANJ and its members.

3. Nominee fosters the growth and support of GCSANJ through their leadership and participation.

4. Nominee must have made a significant contribution in the past year that has resulted in a stronger and more viable GCSANJ.

Shaun M. Barry Distinguished Service Award

1. Nominee must be a member of GCSANJ in good standing for a minimum of 15 years.

2. Nominee must have consistently made significant contributions to GCSANJ throughout their years of membership which has resulted in a stronger and more viable association.