GCSANJ Publishes New Jersey Golf Industry Best Management Practices Guide

The New Jersey Golf Industry Best Management Practices Guide has been completed and published by GCSANJ. The guide will be uploaded to the GCSANJ website as well as the GCSAA website.

It provides an overview of best management practices (BMPs) in golf course maintenance to support environmental stewardship while providing ideal course conditions. The BMP provides guidelines for GCSANJ members and a resource for stakeholders, including regulators, lawmakers, general managers, and our communities.

The goal is to employ this state guide to develop and implement individual facility BMPs in 2021.

The GCSAA, supported by the USGA and PGA TOUR, started the nationwide initiative by providing a base template. The development of the New Jersey Golf Industry Best Management Practices was made possible by the GCSANJ BMP Committee, scientists at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. We are indebted to those individuals that provided their time and expertise to develop and review drafts of best management practices to protect the natural resources of New Jersey.

The committee members for this effort included the following;

• Jeremy Hreben, CGCS, BMP Committee Chairman, Superintendent, Indian Spring Golf Course

• Darrell Marcinek, CGCS, Director of Golf Maintenance, Somerset County Parks Commission

• Brandon Perrine, Superintendent, Deerwood Country Club

• Michael Tardogno, Superintendent, Skyway Golf Course at Lincoln Park West

• Matthew Castagna, Superintendent, TPC Jasna Polana

• Dr. James A. Murphy, Extension Specialist, Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (NJAES) and Cooperative Extension

In addition, the following Rutgers NJAES and Cooperative Extension personnel assisted in the development of this document:

• Dr. Bruce Clarke, Extension Specialist in Turfgrass Pathology

• Dr. Matthew Elmore, Assistant Extension Specialist in Weed Science

• Dr. George Hamilton, Extension Specialist in Integrated Pest Management

• Dr. Albrecht Koppenhöfer, Extension Specialist in Entomology

• Dr. Christopher Obropta, Associate Extension Specialist in Water Resources.

Others assisting in the development of this document include our industry partners that provided invaluable information and expertise:

• Mark Kuhns, CGCS Regional Manager, Turco Golf

• James Devaney, Storr Tractor Company

• James Barrett, James Barrett Associates

• Corey Angelo, Soil and Water Consulting

Kevin Doyle of GCSAA and Maureen Sharples, GCSANJ Executive Director also provided valuable assistance in initiating, organizing, and promoting this project. We also appreciate the photo contributions from superintendents across the state. We thank the external reviewers both individuals and agency representatives for their time and effort to strengthen our document and ensure its accuracy. Reviewers included the following:

• Bradley Park, Laboratory Researcher, Rutgers NJAES Center for Turfgrass Science

• Dr. Stephanie Murphy, Director, Rutgers Soil Testing Laboratory

• Erin Landis, River Friendly Coordinator, The Watershed Institute

• Jeffrey Hoffman, P.G., State Geologist, NJ Geological and Water Survey

• L. Stanton Hales, Jr., Ph. D., Director, Barnegat Bay Partnership

• Robert Karl, Supervisor, Source Water & Watershed Programs, Brick Township Municipal Utilities Authority

Funding and support for this project were provided by the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA), The Environmental Institute for Golf (EIFG), and the United States Golf Association (USGA).

To view the New Jersey Golf Industry Best Management Practices Guide, click below.

Link to NJ BMP E-Guide

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