The Edward A. Platz Memorial Scholarship

Plant Food Company is excited to announce the revival of the Edward A. Platz Memorial Scholarship, which will be awarded through the New Jersey Green Industry Council (NJGIC). The scholarship is named after Plant Food Company founder Edward A. Platz, who started the first liquid fertilizer formulating company in New Jersey in 1946.

Many years ago there was an organization in New Jersey named The Plant Food Educational Society of New Jersey. The group was comprised of Cook College (Rutgers University) personnel, county agents, and representatives of various fertilizer suppliers in the area. Edward A. Platz was a past president of that group, as was his son and current Plant Food Company president Ted Platz. Edward passed away in 1977, and shortly thereafter The Plant Food Educational Society of New Jersey created the Edward A. Platz Memorial Scholarship in his memory.

A number of years later, as New Jersey agriculture started to shrink, The Plant Food Educational Society of New Jersey merged with The New Jersey Pesticide Association, creating a new group named The New Jersey Agri-Business Association in the 1980’s. Plant Food Company stayed involved in this organization, annual scholarships were awarded, and current Plant Food Company employee Sarah Berezansky became president in 2013. Unfortunately, the number of active members shrunk over the years and the board of directors decided to discontinue the group in 2015, leaving behind a bank account with money intended for scholarships. It was determined by the group, including Sarah, John Patten (NJGIC past-president and former Plant Food Company employee), and others to move the funds to The New Jersey Green Industry Council, and that the NJGIC would eventually continue the scholarship program. The scholarship was not offered for a few years during this transition while the legalities were sorted out, but things have come into place and the scholarship is back!

Applications must be postmarked by June 26, 2019 and two (2) scholarships will be awarded in August of 2019. To be eligible, applicants must be a New Jersey resident currently enrolled at any 4-year college or university in the United States majoring in a Green Industry related field with aspirations to pursue a career in the Green Industry. Recipients shall possess an academic rank of sophomore, junior, or senior at the time of award.

If you know anyone that would qualify for this great opportunity that may otherwise be unaware, please pass this information along. We hope there are many applicants and many recipients in the future!

Best Regards,

Plant Food Company, Inc. & The Platz Family

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