Webinar on Turf Management During COVID-19

Keeping your maintenance program simple when things are not.

Below is a webinar GCSANJ created featuring a discussion with Rutgers Turfgrass Specialists, hosted by Michael Tardogno of Skyway Golf Course.

Dr. Bruce Clarke

Dr. James Murphy

Dr. Matthew Elmore

Dr. Albrecht Koppenhofer

The video is filled with best practices and strategies to manage your course with minimal labor, reduced budgets, and no play. We hope this can be a valuable resource for you during this time.


Additional COVID-19 resources

-Center for Disease Control- https://www.cdc.gov/

-GCSAA COVID-19 Resource Page- https://www.gcsaa.org/resources/covid-19-pandemic-resources

-NJSGA Cares Act Information- https://www.njsga.org/news/post/state-and-federal-governments-leave-member-owned-clubs-in-a-tough-spot

-NJ Business Resources- https://faq.business.nj.gov/en/collections/2198378-information-for-nj-businesses-on-the-coronavirus-outbreak

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